If we forget about the aesthetic and the cultural value, where might I say Turkish towels are the clear winner, the practical differences in these towels come down to these two elements: the material, the size, and the weave.

The Pros: What makes Turkish towels so good

They are versatile you can use your towel right out of the shower, on the beach, as a sarong, a scarf, a throw, a picnic blanket, heck a customer bot a pair to use as curtains.

Don't let their flat-weave fool you, they are very absorbent. In fact they are as absorbent as terry-cloth towels.

They dry faster and always smell fresh even in humid climates. It doesn't get more humid than in a Turkish bathhouse, where they were originally used. 

On the beach, the sand doesn't stick.

They become softer and more absorbent the more you use and wash them.

High-quality Turkish towels will last forever with the proper care.

They pack light and store easily.

They are space and energy saving. 

seven anatolico Turkish towels take up as much space as three terry towels

The Cons: disadvantages of a Turkish towel

Some of our friends can't stand the fringe that Turkish towels have. If you're one of them, Turkish towels are not for you. 

Some find Turkish towels to not be very absorbent. They actually are as absorbent as terry towels (as you can see in the experiment above). If fabric softener is something you can't give up, you could experience this problem. Our towels come pre-washed, but the more you use and wash them the more absorbent they get. Check out our Care page for tips. 

Turkish towels are not fluffy. That's by design:) That doesn't mean they are not soft though.

The price - sometimes. Why are Turkish towels so expensive? It is the same as any product. When you are looking for unique quality products that will last forever, products that are ethically made in small batches by artisans, the price will inevitably go up. We always have some Turkish towels on sale, though.