We are Derya and Fotis. We now live in Brooklyn, but we grew up surrounded by the traditional ethnic art of the Mediterranean. We stayed warm under handwoven blankets, our mothers would bring out handmade lace tablecloths for family holiday meals, embroidery decorated our grandmothers’ homes and our grandfathers could make tables out of wood. That is how we learned to appreciate the “hand-made” and how our passion for traditional ethnic craftsmanship was born.


Anatolico, connects conscious customers with unique handcrafted Anatolian art. Our products range from our flagship Turkish towels to throws, blankets, kaftans, robes, jewelry, and scarves.

We spent months traveling around the villages and towns of Turkey in order to find the most authentic local artisan families, who run high-quality, eco-friendly and ethical productions. With their traditional looming techniques and our garment and pattern design, we are happy to be able to introduce the world to these unique items. In the age of robots and machines, we are proud to be bringing thousands years old authenticity from the hands of the masters to yours...

About our name

Anatolico comes from the Greek word Anatolico (Ανατολικό) which means eastern or sunrise. That is where Anatolia, the area which makes up the majority of modern-day Turkey got its name too. The families we work with to produce our products live in the villages of Anatolia and have been weaving for generations.