The Mediterranean lifestyle is far more than only eating healthy.

It's about taking the time to enjoy life and the simple things. Sharing a meal and a laugh with friends and family. Living in harmony with nature and time. Bring this way of life into your home with unique Anatolico pieces.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Gorgeous - The fabric, the colors, the design, the workmanship—all great. This is such fun to wear and so comfortable on the skin.
— Linda
Customer reviews
This is the prettiest, softest, and comfiest robe I’ve EVER owned. It dries me off quickly... And I feel pretty in it! ❤️
— Sarah H.
Customer reviews
Early morning, sitting on my deck, berobed in my anatolico lusciously soft, engagingly warm shawl. I am 1000% pleased.
— Hmf
Customer reviews
This is excellent quality craftsmanship! Extra absorption and I just love it!
— Patty
Customer reviews
Love Love Love my Kaftans.
I have two now and am thrilled with Anatolico products. Hooked on their great product and service.
— Lynn

Who we are

We live in Brooklyn, but grew up surrounded by the traditional ethnic art of the Mediterranean.

We work with the most authentic local artisan families in Turkey, who run high-quality, eco-friendly and ethical productions.

With their traditional looming techniques and our garment and pattern design, we are happy to be able to introduce the world to these unique items.

Derya & Fotis

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