Hi everyone! It's May 14th already and it seems like the weather is getting better every day! Here in New York, it looks like this will be the last cool week and summer's starting.

With the Covid-19's first panic reaction behind us, and knowing that we are as safe as we can be as long as we are very careful, keep our social distances wearing facemasks when we can't, we've been venturing out to near-by parks. Trying to get some sun and fresh air (They kill the coronavirus don't they? Still not clear...) 

Yesterday we made it up to Hempstead Lake State Park only 35 minutes from Anatolico HQ, in Brooklyn. The picnic ground is lush and grassy with plenty of natural shade and the lake is truly beautiful. We made sandwiches for us grownups, packed some baby meals our sandwiches, and - of course - grabbed our favorite Turkish towels and throws to use as our picnic blanket. 

Home-made sandwich with home-made sourdough bread

More on this another time perhaps, but our homemade sandwiches were made on scrumptious homemade sourdough bread Fotis has been into making these past weeks! Definitely a quarantine symptom. Thanks, Mauricio and The Perfect Loaf, you've saved us, can't recommend you enough!

The picnic

The Eve and Sage Turkish towels and our Matia throw were the perfect lightweight picnic blankets. They easily cover enough ground for three, look great and make cleanup super easy.

And the inevitable mess

A temperature drop, the walk around the lake and very wild animals

It was sunny and in the 60ies, and Derya was comfortable in a t-shirt and a kaftan dress. As the afternoon wore on it got a bit chillier, but good thing we had our Karia throw with us to keep baby warm:)  

the lake