Turkish towels are truly one of the most versatile pieces you can own. With their origins as towels to dry and to wrap around the waist in Hamams, there are so many ways to use them. Here are a few ways we have used our Turkish towels. We'll keep updating the list as we discover more!

1. As a bath towel

We use our Turkish towels every day, right out of the shower. Living in New York City with its humid summers we love that they are as absorbent as terry towels and dry super quick so they never get that musty smell. Plus they add a lot of color to our bathroom and make it look beautiful. 

    2. On the beach as a beach towel and beach blanket

      Turkish towel as beach blanketWe always take two or three Turkish towels with us when we go to the beach. One to lay on and one to dry off with. The good thing is that the sand does not stick and they dry so quickly, especially in the sun, that they are ready for next time.

      3. As a picnic blanket

      Turkish towels as picnic blanketsTheir large size makes them ideal for a picnic in the park. Here's a blog post we wrote after a picnic we had at Hempstead Lake State Park.

      4. As a pareo, beach cover-up or sarong

      pareo Turkish towelThere are many ways to wear a Turkish towel. Some quick ideas: Wrap one around the waist. Throw one over the shoulders to block the direct sunlight. Wrap the towel around your back and tie two corners behind the neck to turn your towel into a dress.

      5. As a scarf

      Turkish towel as a scarfIn the wintertime, Turkish towels are a beautiful bulky scarf. We always get compliments when we wear them! If it's very cold we sometimes have one side of the towel going down our back inside our jackets to act as an extra layer.

      6. As a throw

      We always have a Turkish towel on our couch to add some color or to throw οver the shoulders or legs on a chilly evening. 

      7. As a part of your new work of art

      Why not?


      8. As a travel blanket on the plane

      One more situation when bringing your own usually is a good idea. We use them as a blanket when the AC is blasting, a pillow on long flights and sometimes as a seat cover.

      9. As a yoga towel or at the gym

      mandala yoga towel

      10. On a sailboat or yacht

      Using a Turkish towel on a sailboatWe don't own either, but this is how Turkish towels were rediscovered in recent years when sailboats in the Mediterranean started using them because they dry so quickly. On a sailboat is about as humid as it gets.

      11. As decoration in the bedroom

      Turkish towel on a bedWe sometimes keep a Turkish towel or throw at the foot of our bed. It adds color and it's always something you can use to give you some extra pillow height or one more layer in the middle of the night.  

      12. As a baby blanket

      Oh my, have our Turkish towels come in handy in our first year as parents. They are a great summer blanket for the little ones. On the go, we always carry one in our stroller' basket ready to use if it gets chilly, if we need a nursing cover or if we need a clean surface for baby changing.

      13. As a cover at the spa, sauna, or your massage

      Turkish towel during a massageSometimes it just feels better to bring your own.

      14. As a facemask

      Turkish towels as facemasksIn the times of Covid-19, we use Turkish towels as facemasks when we forget our real ones. Not medical-grade for sure, but they do the trick. I really hope that soon we will look back at this post and find this irrelevant!

      Are we forgetting something? Let us know how you use your Turkish towels in the comments below. 


      You can use the towel/towels as wall hangings over beds, couches or just long bare hallways.
      Fold them over a curtain rod and enjoy a lively airy window covering!

      — Stephanie