The Anatolico promise

Our products are woven in Turkey by local artisans that follow the authentic traditional technique. We designed our textile patterns ourselves, and we work with our producers directly to ensure that only the best quality cotton and linen is used in our fabrics.

None of our products are mass-produced, giving each and every product their uniqueness. We are very happy to be able to work with and support the small family businesses that produce our textiles and accessories. We are committed to not letting traditional Anatolian art die, and have taken on the mission of introducing the world to these unique products.


What is a Turkish towel?

Turkish towels (or peshtemals) have been used for centuries in hammams, the traditional Turkish baths. They are very absorbent, lightweight and easy to carry, dry quickly and always smell fresh, making them perfect for everyday use.
Apart from a great towel, many people use them as a shawl, a scarf, a throw or a blanket.
Their compact size and quick drying time make them perfect for the bathroom, the beach, the spa, your yoga or Pilates class, home décor or a picnic.


How is it different from a typical terrycloth towel?

Turkish towels are lightweight, extremely thin and super absorbent, making them dry much more quickly than a usual cotton terry towel. They are large in size (typically 80 by 40 inches), but are very compact.  Unlike a thick terrycloth towel, Turkish towels are flat-woven with a smooth, soft texture.

Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton products in the world. Our towels, robes and scarves are hand-woven from 100% Turkish cotton or linen by small, family-run textile makers in Turkey.


The many uses of Turkish towels

Turkish towels are perfectly suited for using everyday out of the shower or bath. They are compact and dry very quickly making it easy to bring your towel to the beach, the park, the gym, your yoga class, hikes, at parks, and festivals.

You can use your Turkish towel as a shawl, a scarf, on the beach, as a picnic blanket or a tablecloth. Turkish towels are typically larger, so on the beach, they cover more sand for you and all of your friends. Cold on the plane? Wear your Turkish towel as a scarf or a blanket.


Are they green?

Yes. Why? Turkish towels are so lightweight, they use less material, and production is much more energy-efficient than a typical terry cloth towel. They dry more quickly after use, so they don't take on a musty smell. As a result, they don't need laundering as often. When the time comes though, they take much less space in the washer and much less time in the dryer.