KARIA Throw Blanket Gray on Petrol

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The KARIA throws are thicker than the usual Turkish towels, making them perfect to use as a small blanket, a throw or a bulky scarf or shawl.

They are hand-loomed by local artisans in Turkey using 100% cotton threads, following the authentic traditional technique. 


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KARIA Throws measure 80x40 inches excluding the fringe


If you are looking to mix and match throws, all KARIA throws are the same weight, and they all work well together.

There are two weaving styles to chose from: Chevron and Diamond; and two families: the ones with the gray background and the ones with the petrol background.

Materials and benefits

100% cotton, and not flat-woven like our Turkish towels, these are great as a throw or scarf. You could definitely use KARIA as a towel, it's just that it wouldn't dry as fast. 

  • Super-versatile: Use them like a shawl, a scarf, a throw or a blanket

  • Cover up while watching a movie

  • Decorate your bed with this as a spread

  • Picnic or lie down at the park

  • Perfect for everyday use: Airplane companion, around the shoulders, on the couch


Since this is not completely flat-woven, you may get pulls. Nothing to worry about! If the pulled thread is the same color as the fringe, just pull on the fringe from both sides. If it is the other color, just pull on the two sides of the throw and it should go away.

If the last thread has come loose, you can snip it off, the throw won't unravel. 

This is how to care for your throw and here's everything you would ever like to know about the Turkish towel material.

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