ELIO Stitched Kaftan

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The Anatolico Stitched Kaftan is a modern spin on the classic Turkish towel that makes the perfect item for the beach, spring evenings, or a luxurious garment to wear while relaxing at home.

This kaftan features decorative stitching around the edges and comes in two flavors: Open like an unbuttoned shirt or stitched closed down the front.

In the winter, they straddle that fine line between clothes and pajamas, it's like they were invented for days snuggling at home with a good book. With all the comfort of your PJs but without the guilt that comes along with staying in your bedwear all day, they are a wearable blanket that actually looks good.

Breathable in the summer, they're great for a warm day or as a cover-up on the beach. In the evening, it's the extra layer you need.

If you are looking to mix and match towels, the LUNA belongs to the same family.

What it's made of

Our thinner striped kaftans are a 85% cotton and 15% linen blend. Both vegan and naturally hypoallergenic.

MATIA kaftans are 100% cotton. They have a bit more weight and texture to them and are not completely flat-woven.

How it's made

Kaftans are made out of a Turkish towel or a throw. They are loomed in Turkey, in Derya's hometown close to Izmir, by local artisans that follow the authentic traditional technique.

They are then tailored and stitched by hand by a collective of women, again in the same town.

We design all our textile patterns ourselves, and we work with our makers directly to ensure that we use only the best quality long-staple cotton and linen in our fabrics.

The dyes we use for our threads are all OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety.

The size

Kaftans are one size. They fit the smallest and the largest. Our model is 5'9"

Visit our Size Guide for detailed measurements.


Machine wash warm or cold with similar colors. We recommend not using fabric softener in your wash. Fabric softener smells great but actually coats the fibers making them less absorbent. No bleach and try not to mix the wash with items that have zippers or hooks as they might get tangled in the fringes.

Here is a detailed blog post on how to care for Turkish towels.

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